Utah Pest Control Software Compay, Briostack, started when Utah pest control owner, Brandon, wanted to further automate his pest control business but couldn’t find what he was looking for in the marketplace.

After much frustration, he decided to create his own pest control software, Briostack.

Brandon grew up in the pest control business. He worked for both a large national company and a smaller more local company. After having worked for years in the industry, he decided to start his own pest control company which has grown to over 85 employees. In starting Briostack, Brandon wanted to create new software tools to streamline his own business and make it easier for his employees to succeed. He saw a tremendous opportunity to simplify and improve things for the pest control industry with innovative, new software.

Having worked in the industry before starting his own pest control business, Brandon knows what it’s like to carry the burdens and stress of running a pest control business and to feel at times as though you can’t catch a breath. It’s not always a fun place to be. For Brandon, that’s been the great reward of Briostack. Briostack is simplifying the pest control industry and helping pest control owners become more efficient, drive more growth and reach their goals.

Brandon loves meeting with pest control businesses in the industry and being able to see how Briostack is changing their business for the better. Briostack’s mission is to deliver services and products that are so good, nobody can offer a close substitute.

Watch Brandon below as he tells his story of Briostack.

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